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Here you can view some of our recently completed projects, as well as samples from our other work. If you have any questions, please call or email us.

Brendan Wegner Video

A tragic story about a fiery oil rig accident in N. Dakota that resulted in the death of an exemplary young man.  In this video we see how his passing has impacted his family in the small town of Montello, Wisconsin.  Even the “Toughest” individuals have become a bit choked-up after seeing Brendan’s story.

Scott Westfall Video

Scott Westfall, of Corpus Christi, Texas is a mentally-challenged young man who was working and enjoying his life until a freak accident changed everything.  Our video details how Scott and his mother are coping with this new , painful reality.


Frank Ramirez Video

Frank Ramirez is a hard-working young man who was the victim of a maritime accident aboard a small “Line-handling” boat.  Due to an error in judgement by another crew member, Frank lost the ability to see out of one eye.  Our video explains how this sort of injury can affect one’s productivity, mental-outlook and self-esteem.

Steve Fuentes Video

Life aboard an offshore oil platform is intense and uniquely dangerous.  This video shows what happened to a middle-aged man who was known as “Safety Steve” …someone who cared deeply about doing things the “right” way…and who became a living example of what can happen when safety procedures are ignored.