Win Higher Settlements for your Clients!

We provide top-notch law firms around the nation with High-Quality, High-Impact Day-In-the-Life documentaries, or Family-Impact Videos. Generally, we work with cases in which one or more clients have been severely injured or have suffered the loss of a loved one. Our entire effort is focused on producing a fairly short, but compelling video, 7 to 10 minutes in length, that will convince opposing lawyers, mediators and juries that the clients deserve to be compensated at the highest-possible level. In the past, our projects have generated millions of dollars in settlements to deserving clients.

Attorneys know the value of a well-produced audio-visual presentation. It forces the opposition to STOP TALKING and WATCH! Every spoken word, every edit and every scene is crafted to create genuine emotion that will work to your client’s benefit. We travel to meet with your clients personally, shoot & edit all material, and then, after the work is enthusiastically-approved, we will upload an HD file directly to our clients via Dropbox.  We also provide unlimited copies on DVD.

We believe the quality of our product is second to none! See for yourself, and then feel free to contact us with any questions.

Joe Gazin